ReloQuest’s Growth Continues Adding Corporate Relocation International

ReloQuest™ Adds Corporate Relocation International to its growing list of clients. Corporate Relocation International, founded in 1987, is a full service global relocation corporation, which provides full relocation service management. Its relationship with ReloQuest™ came together quickly.

“Corporate Relocation requested a demo and in short order saw ReloQuest’s value. We were pleased that they made a quick decision to partner with ReloQuest™ and we look forward to discussions on expanding our relationship,” said ReloQuest Founder Darin Karp.

ReloQuest enables clients to properly manage a supply chain while improving efficiency and bottom line.

Corporate Relocation International CEO and President Jeff Walker voiced optimism about the impact that ReloQuest™ will have on his company and the benefits to their clients. “Upon hearing about ReloQuest™ we were intrigued with the innovative concept,” Walker said. “And although we are early in the game, we are excited about the anticipated value and cost savings this will bring to our clients.”


About ReloQuest:

ReloQuest, LLC is a software company whose new technology streamlines housing options for the relocation industry. In July 2015, ReloQuest™ launched to help those seeking temporary housing options by providing the best matches, faster and at a lower cost than with existing sourcing solutions. Employing a self-service platform, ReloQuest’ s ground-breaking technology simplifies the reservation process while directly connecting clients and suppliers.

A key to the company’s rapid growth is its insight into the industry: Karp, for example, has been an executive in the field for nearly 20 years. That background created a clear view of the technological limitations that resulted in inefficiencies that favored a few of the larger operations and hampered many other companies from competing in an unbiased, transparent environment.

Based in Fort Lauderdale, ReloQuest™ is online at Phone: 855-ReloQst (735-6778).

Based in Carrollton, TX, Corporate Relocation International is online at Phone: +1 (800) 333-9623 or +1 (469) 568-5900

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